Learn all the great things our family has to say about us

Linda Simmonds

We are happy to be a part of the Forest Hill Heights Community

Originally, we came to Forest Hill Heights for a temporary stay. After coming from a disappointing situation, we wanted to make sure this would be a good fit for my mother before committing. After staying for two weeks, we made it permanent. Our mother’s condition has improved and she continues to thrive. We have interacted at all levels with the staff and are very impressed with their dedication and professionalism. We are so relieved to have found a place where my mother is receiving the care and attention she deserves. Thank You Forest Hill Heights, we are happy to be a part of your community.

By Linda Simmonds 7/7/2023

Christopher S. Delpi

Gained confidence and comfort in the fact our Mom was happy, safe and felt at home

Similar to most families, we were nervous moving our Mom from Independent to Assisted Living. However, from day one, the caregivers treated our Mom like family and this was witnessed by the smile she had on her face when we visited. In fact, we visited my Mom often (three+ days a week) and we were comforted that she was always doing something including conversing with the other residents in the common area. All this gave us confidence and comfort in the fact our Mom was happy, safe and felt at home.

By Christopher S. Delpi 08/23/2022

George S Jankiewicz

The staff and nurses are very caring and compassionate.

My Aunt, Margaret Large, was a resident of Forest Hill Heights from September 2019 to September 2020. As you can imagine, the period from March until her death in September was extremely challenging due to the Covid restrictions. However, the staff and nurses proactively kept me updated on her situation and my aunt was very appreciative of her care and the compassion that they exhibited. She liked to joke with them and they returned the favor, much to her amusement. 🙂

By George S Jankiewicz 08/17/2022

Jerry Lozoskie

At Forest Hill Heights, rooms are clean and maintained and staff is friendly and caring

In these times when Quality Senior Care is so difficult to find, Forest Hill Heights strives to offer the best care for our loved ones. When visiting mom, even when unannounced, I’m always greeted with a smile. The facility and mom’s room are always clean and maintained. The staff is friendly and caring. I get immediate updates of any problems that are addressed in a timely manner.

By Jerry Lozoskie 7/30/22

Lincoln McGhee

Nurses and Aides were always caring! Will miss the staff at Forest Hill Heights.

We selected Rock Spring Village in 1993 based on the recommendation of a social worker who said the facility wasn’t the greatest, but the people were. The only things that’s changed since then is that the facility has been significantly upgraded. Shizuko, aka Sue, McGhee was 99 and had been at Forest Hill Heights for almost 8 years, probably one of the longer term residents. Visiting her regularly over these years, I have to say that the staff, starting with Chrissy, always cared for mom, as if she was their mother. They really loved her and were just as sad as we were when she passed. They gave us, the family, excellent support and Rachel, the Medical Director, came in some evenings after working all day to sit with mom and hold her hand her final days in hospice. Mom loved music and the staff always thought of her and helped her attend different social events. The nurses and aides were always very caring and respectful towards “Miss Sue” and pre-covid, when I could join her in the dining room, I thought the food was very good.
We will miss “Miss Sue” as well as the staff at Forest Hill Heights.
PS… I will also miss Gayle answering the phone with “Caring is our privilege”

By Lincoln McGhee 07/27/22

Dianne Guy

Forest Hill Heights was a Great Choice!

The decision to move mom to assisted living was hard for all of us, especially mom. The team at Forest Hill Heights made the process easy to understand! They walked us through every step in a professional manner along with caring & understanding. Mom was so welcomed on move-in day and we are so pleased with the care she is receiving! So good to know she is safe and cared for! Great Choice!

By Dianne Guy 07/19/22

Paula Tacka

“I can never thank her enough…”

Rachel Jones the Director of Nursing goes above and beyond for all the residents of Forest Hill Heights! Her level of compassion and kindness are unparalleled. I can never thank her enough for the excellent and tender care of my father and the entire family as well.

By Paula Tacka 03/27/22

Amy Deck

My parents needed a place to recuperate after a hospital stay

My parents needed a place to recuperate after a hospital stay so my family looked into respite care at FHH. They worked with my family to get my parents settled quickly and into a routine. My parents stayed for 6 weeks. During this time we quickly learned the names of the employees and got all our questions answered in a timely manner. There were many activities that were offered for the residents that my parents participated in. When it was time to leave, my family was very appreciative of the care they needed.

By Amy Deck 06/12/21