Meet Our Team


Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

At Forest Hill Heights, we’ve put together a team of passionate healthcare professionals with years of experience. We are dedicated to the humanity, dignity and well-being of residents entrusted to our care, and our team acts more as a family than just coworkers.

Executive Director

Mikaela Jackson

Mikaela Jackson has been working in senior living for the past 15 years. She started in the recreation department but has worked in almost every department in a variety of senior livings. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Health Sciences and Psychology with a focus in Gerontology. She came to Forest Hill Heights as the Recreation Director in 2017 and then as Business Office Manager, then the Assistant Administrator, and now the promotion to Administrator. She along with her team work every day to make it the best it can be for the residents.
Mikaela lives on a farm near by with her two kids and husband. She enjoys being with the residents and being apart of the community.

Business Office Manager

Jennifer Metevia

Jennifer Metevia, Business Office Manager at Forest Hill Heights has a background in healthcare for over 28 years. Her job consists of many roles, but mainly resident billing, payroll and maintaining administrative systems. She works closely with all departments to make sure office operations and procedures are in order, to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Director of Nursing

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones RN, CM, DN and Director of Personal Care at Forest Hill Heights started working here 11 years ago as a server in the dining room while she was in high school. After her high school, with the encouragement of one of the residents who was a retired nurse, Rachel worked her way up through the nursing department as a Personal Care Aide, CMT, LPN Floor Nurse and now RN and Director. Her role is to oversee all medical aspects of residential life.

Something special about her is that her grandmother lived at Forest Hill Heights for 4 years and that gave her a unique perspective on resident life at Forest Hill Heights. FHH has become her home away from home with all her time here. She considers all her coworkers and the residents her family too and she strives to always have her doors open to Team, residents, and families. The nursing department at FHH aims to provide the most personalized care for your loved one.

Assistant Director of Nursing

Brittany Dieren

Brittany Dieren, LPN and Assistant Director of Personal Care at Forest Hill Heights. She has worked for FHH for almost 2 years now as a Nurse, but she was here several years prior to nursing school, working as a CMT. She is currently in the RN program and cannot wait to graduate. Her role is to work closely with the Director of Personal Care Rachel Jones, to provide residents with the utmost care. The nursing department at FHH strives to provide compassion and excellent personalized care to all residents.

Admissions Director

Sandra Weinstein

Sandy has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, working across hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home care, hospice care, and assisted living. She graduated with honors as an LPN from The Johnston School of Nursing at Union Memorial Hospital in 1986, where she served as class president. While transitioning from nursing to an admissions director role, Sandy found her path in business development, where she has dedicated most of her career. Her primary goal is to provide patients and families with the best information, resources, support, and guidance as they navigate their healthcare journey. Sandy is passionate about assisting patients, residents, and families in need and is a strong advocate for the homeless and sobriety. Make sure when you visit Forest Hill Heights to say hi to Sandy!

RN Case Manager

Krystiana Ginn

Krystiana has been working in the senior living community since she was 16 years old. Starting her first job here at FHH in the dining room in 2017, she developed a deep connection with both the residents and amazing Team. Her experience here at FHH motivated her to pursue her RN nursing degree. Krystiana has held many titles here at FHH, from Dining Room Coordinator to Personal Care Aide, and now currently our RN Case Manager. She works closely with our Director of Nursing to develop individualized plans of care for all the residents here at FHH, ensuring that both residents and families have the best experience possible and get the care that they truly deserve.

Recreation Director

Stephanie Frank

Stephanie Frank, the Recreation Director for Forest Hill Heights has been in healthcare for 5 years and she has been interested in creative projects all her life. Forest Hill Heights offers her the ability to share her artistic talents with the residents each day. All the Team members pride themselves on bringing joy and sunshine through creativity and purpose.

Culinary Director

Rose Jorgenson

Culinary Director at Forest Hill Heights, Rose Jorgenson’s goal is to provide nutritious, restaurant-oriented meals in the Dining Room. Rose makes sure the menus are updated frequently and change seasonally to keep the meals interesting and to appeal to different tastes. The Dining Room is treated like a restaurant but also allowing each resident to have someone to eat with, which is a great way to increase socialization and enjoyment.

Rose is a lifelong resident of Harford County and was very fortunate to have their mother live here at Forest Hill Heights for 6 and a half years. Rose’s team and they themselves aim to provide a pleasant and clean atmosphere so that each resident can enjoy the mealtimes.

Maintenance Director

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins, Maintenance Director at Forest Hill Heights oversee laundry and housekeeping as well. He has worked at FHH for 4 years now. For the part 10 years, he has been working in senior living in Maintenance. Forest Hill Heights is unique and special to Ben because of the family-feel between coworkers and residents. Ben loves it here as he gets to know the residents while helping in their daily lives.

Other Team

Our Other Experienced Team Members

The 30 Year Club

Wanda Holdsworth (Dining Room Coordinator)

The 20 Year Club

Gail Piccolo (Receptionist)
Bobby Bishop (Dishwasher)
Debbie Schmidt (Laundry Aide)

The 10 Year Club

Nicole Chernick (Nurse)
Kelly Bays (Receptionist)
John Schaaf (Housekeeper)
Beth Stringfellow (Receptionist)

The 5 Year Club

Michelle Crandall (Housekeeper)
Mary Lynch (Nurse)
Lori Hensley (Housekeeper)
Nicole Smith (Personal Care Aide)